Brandywine Country Club Men's Golf Association

Conduct golf and other recreational and social activities for its Members, their families and guests. Promote a spirit of understanding, friendship, mutual respect, acquaintanceship and association among its Members. Preserve and promote the tradition of golf.  Encourage all Members of Brandywine Country Club to conduct themselves in a manner complimentary to the Membership and to the Club. Establish and maintain golf handicaps for its Members according to the rules of golf, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the MGA. Insure honesty and accuracy in the reporting of scores for handicap purposes and to publish guidelines in this regard for the members use. To take appropriate action including reprimand, handicap adjustment, or expulsion from the MGA when violations of the guidelines are documented. Encourage care and maintenance of the golf course by members, guests and others using the faciliy. Facilitate enhancements to the golf course and facilities.

MGA Officers

Tod Burhans - President 
Joe Neumeyer - Vice President 
Eric Terwilliger - Tournament Chair
George Veronie - Handicap Chair
Fred Zeitler - Greens Chair
Jim Facci - House
Josh Bialecki - Publicity 
Greg Meyers - Social 
Jeff Lambert - Treasurer



All Full Golf and Executive Golf  Members of Brandywine Country Club shall be Members of the MGA.

Annual dues for the MGA shall be proposed by the MGA Board of Directors and approved by the Manager of Brandywine Country Club. Dues shall be invoiced in February each year and shall be remitted to the MGA Treasurer no later than April 1 of that year. Brandywine Country Club shall not retain any part of the dues. The fee to establish and maintain a handicap is included in the annual dues.

Brandywine Country Club shall provide the MGA with a current list of Members and notify the Vice President/Secretary of changes to the Membership list as those changes occur.